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When you start your product search there are some important details to keep in mind. Below we've provided some details that should be considered whenever you are looking for branded products. And, you can alway contact our team and have us search the products for you instead. It's what we do. 

Type of Product

With millions of products to chose from, do you know what type of product you want? Perhaps polo shirts, hats or mugs? Do you want a specific brand, color, style? The more details you enter into your search the better your results will be. 

Quantity Needed

All custom branded promotional products will have a "Minimum Order Quantity" that is set by the product factory. This minimum quantity is the lowest quantity the factory will accept for this product. Make sure you aren't wanting a product with a minimum of 100 units when you only want 25 units.

Decoration Method

Promotional products have many different decoration methods. All products typically will hav e1-2 different decoration options available for that specific product. Each decoration method has different time frame and costs.

The majority of products include a standard 1-color imprint. Decorating your logo in multiple colors could increase the product price significantly.

Date Needed

Plan ahead! The biggest mistake clients make is waiting too long to order products. Wait and you could get stuck paying rush fees and expensive expedited shipping to get your product delivered on-time. 

Most products will take about 5 - 10 working days after your order and artwork have been approved in writing. Shipping time is additional and could be up to another 5 working days. 

Product Proof

Our in-house art department will always provide a product "Proof Sheet" for your review.  The proof sheet visually displays the product, in your color choice, with the decoration shown on the product in the decoration method provided. The proof sheet indicates the product name, product details, decoration size and location, and colors.

The proof sheet must be signed and returned as your approval. This proof ensures both parties are in agreement about the custom product before any production is started.

When you click the "Start Product Search" button you will be redirected to our promotional product website.

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