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Girvin Marketing
A Full Service Product Branding Agency

Not all branded marketing agencies are the same. We offer our clients a full suite of services, in-house that enhances the process of designing and purchasing custom branded products. We offer in-house graphic design, embroidery service, imprinting, fulfillment, kitting and distribution. This means you get more service and products, faster.


What Sets Us Apart

Bright ideas. Creative solutions.

Creative Services

We started way back in 1996 as a graphic design studio, so we know all about design. Our team will create any of the designs your project may need, whether it's print collateral, t-shirts, displays or artwork for products. We handle all that type of creative in-house, quickly and free of charge when it's for products. Our design teams know the nuances about creating artwork that works with various applications.

Online Store Solutions

Yeah, we do this really well. Our team will work with you to design the custom store website, create a collection of branded products, provide in-house design and decoration for quick, low-minimum product orders. We set-up customer groups and multiple payment options for each type of user - credit cards, purchase orders or order invoices.

Branded Products

Basically think anything with your brand logo on it. Yeah, there's a whole lot of products available, but we help navigate the millions of options. We'll find the right product to meet your branding, target market, budget and deadline. 

Kitting & Fulfillment

Our warehouse staff will assemble your kits or projects and manage the packaging and shipping to your locations. With house product decoration you'll save both time and money on many kitting projects.


Clicking Around?

If you happen to be on Instagram, check us out @GirvinMKTG  

Ready to talk about products?

Please feel free to contact us using the contact form or by phone. 


3415 W Lake Center Drive

Santa Ana, CA 92704 USA

Tel: +1 949-798-0033


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